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Go Wide!
Create Amazing Panoramas from Video


Want to take a really wide photo? You can now create gorgeous panoramas from video with vReveal 3.

It doesn't get better or easier than this: 

Step 1: Take a panning video of almost anything: indoors or outdoors, near or far.

Step 2: Open it in vReveal and click on the Panorama button.

That's it! You'll get a wonderfully stitched image that you can share on Facebook through, our beautiful new online gallery for panoramas, or simply save it to disk. 


Video: how to create panoramas with vReveal

Auto-panorama is a revolutionary new feature in vReveal 3 for creating stunning panoramas from video. Almost any panning video clip can be automatically transformed into a high-quality panoramic image using vReveal 3 and posted to Facebook in one click.

Unlike conventional photo- and video-stitching applications, which use only a few frames to create panoramas, vReveal uses pixels from literally every video frame in your clip. The result is an incredibly smooth and geometrically immaculate panorama.

vReveal’s Panorama is also completely automatic. There is no need to tweak settings; vReveal does everything automatically. You may adjust in and out points or let vReveal find the best looking panorama in your video -- it's up to you.

In addition, vReveal’s Panorama makes sure that changes in exposure in different parts of the video are handled without a glitch so your skies are blue wherever you look. See the examples below.