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How does vReveal 3 save (export) video files?

vReveal 3 comes with its own set of video encoders (and accompanying audio encoders) for saving to uncompressed or MJPEG AVI or iPod/iPad-compatible H.264 MP4 format.

For saving to Windows Media (WMV), vReveal uses the native WMV encoder that comes with Windows.

vReveal can not use any other codecs that might be installed on the system (ie: ffdshow or VLC encoders).

If you have troubles saving a file from vReveal, you can help us with debugging by uploading the file you are trying to process to Please attach a detailed description of your problem. There is a 250MB upload limit (this limit is for upload only, there's no size limit for opening files in vReveal); if your file is bigger than that, we recommend using a tool that will trim it without re-encoding. You can use a tool like Video Splitter for this (30-day free trial available).